Loco: Ultra-Premium Terruño Tequila

Recently I was fortunate to be one of the lucky few to experience the US launch of Loco Tequila, where we celebrated the ultra-premium tequila brand committed to preserving the rich legacy of artisanal practices. The venue, Sullivan Rutherford Estate in St Helena, California, set the perfect stage for an unforgettable evening.

The evening included an intimate dinner and seminar led by Alberto Navarro, Maestro Tequilero, creator of Loco, and renowned author of “Larousse del Tequila.” Alongside him was Juan Pablo Torres Padilla, Co-founder of Loco, both sharing their expertise and passion for preserving the true heritage of tequila.

We learned that Loco was born out of the passion for creating one of the purest possible spirits in the world, rescuing a legacy of more than 120 years and honoring the original essence of the agave azul. Their estate sits in El Arenal, a Pre-Columbian terroir with a legacy for growing blue agave plants. Loco represents the essence of the agaves, with no added flavors. Well-balanced, harmonious, and refreshing to drink, Loco celebrates the history, craft, and tradition of tequila made in Mexico. 

To complement Loco’s three expressions, acclaimed Mexican Chef Rogelio Garcia crafted delectable pairings that perfectly enhanced and complimented Loco Blanco, Loco Ambar Reposado, and Loco Puro Corazon.  One of my favorite pairings of the evening was the hamachi crude paired with Loco Blanco the freshness of the dish harmoniously complimented the taste of the tequila.

During the evening, we had the opportunity to do a side-by-side taste comparison of Loco against some of the most popular tequila brands on the market. Loco excelled every single time making well-known tequilas taste artificial in comparison. The side-by-side comparison highlighted the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Loco. 

 For more information on where to purchase Loco in the Bay Area, visit their website