The STARZ Sensory House at SXSW

The STARZ Sensory House at SXSW

This year the STARZ Sensory House at SXSW was centered around its upcoming series Sweetbitter, based on the National Bestseller book.  Sweetbitter  debuts on Starz on May 6, 2018, but you can view an official trailer here:

Here are some of the highlight from the STARZ Sensory House which ties into the food, wine, and coming of age that is featured on Sweetbitter.


Sensory Room: Taste

Sugarfina Candy Bar

Champagne gummy bears!!! Do I need to say more? You can sample some of Sugarfina’s finest gummies and chocolates. My favorite was the Chocolate martini and the Champagne gummies.

Cocktail and Wine Bar:



Choose from a nice wine list or handcrafted cocktails. I started off with a rosé wine from Texas and moved on to the “Sweetbitter” Cocktail. So refreshing and perfect to enjoy while relaxing or networking with other SXSW attendees.

Sensory Room: Smell

With three months in the making, scent expert from Rouz Saint James formulated a one of a kind scent for each of the characters in the series.

In the sensory house, you enter a beautifully decorated room filled with books,  and flower You get to sample all 4 scents and take two samples home.  I loved the Jake and Jesse perfume.

Of course, you can’t miss the very Instagramable flower wall, perfect for a perfect selfie.

Sensory Room: Touch

T-shirts and tote bags are printed on sight with a wide variety of designs, based on the Sweetbitter’s themes.  I opted for the “Fuck Brunch” shirt, can’t wait to wear it to my next brunch outing.

Sensory Room: Sound

Indulged in the talent of an all-women DJ collaborative, Chulita Vinyl Club. Who are perfect for celebrating Sweetbitter.  They were spinning a few classics and some new unique beats who had people moving and having a great time.

I had an amazing time getting pampered, eating and drinking my way through the STARZ Sensory house. I am leaving the house with a happy heart and lots of swag.

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